CORE of Engineers LEED Specifications

LEED® Project Management
Complete management of the construction related LEED credits, preparing task lists and providing direction to construction team.

LEED Implementation Plan
Green Living, LLC will assist the construction team in compiling all necessary documentation to meet the LEED submittal requirements.

LEED® Contractor’s Toolkit
Green Living, LLC will provide a tool-kit of templates, forms and checklists that the construction team will be able to use throughout construction to keep track of LEED requirements and successfully complete all necessary documentation.

IAQ Management Plan
Green Living, LLC will provide a construction indoor air quality management work plan and checklists for the construction manager to implement during construction and before occupancy.

Construction Waste Management Plan
Green Living, LLC will also provide a construction waste management plan and templates for the construction manager to implement the requirements of the plan and will work with the team in identifying items to be recycled.

LEED Notebook
Feedback Loops
This project has been designed for, and shall be developed for a sustainable rating of certified silver in accordance with LEED Version 2.2.
Table 1 (see paragraph Table) identifies the LEED credit items that are designed into or otherwise required for this Project.

Credit Validation
This Project will be registered with USGBC for validation of credits earned. Content of all construction documentation will be in accordance with the LEED Reference Guide requirements for supporting data required and must use LEED Letter Templates.

Material, product, or execution requirement is identified by "LEED" in the Contract Documents, additional data or certificates shall be submitted with the individual component or process validating the material or component to the respective LEED credit item. These additional data or certificates shall be separable from the other submitted data and a copy shall be included in the LEED Documentation Notebook in addition to the distribution indicated in the submittal register.

The following outlines our services coordinated with the requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED® New Construction v 2.2 rating system:


Project Definition and LEED Goal Setting
A LEED Implementation Plan shall be submitted within 45 days after Notice to Proceed. The plan, when completed, shall provide a detailed description of all activities that relate to accomplishing Project LEED requirements, including construction practices, procurement practices, and proposed submittals and documentation for each LEED credit.

  • Templates
  • List of Documents
  • Schedule for inclusion into the LEED Documentation Notebook Including:
  • Proposed materials*, associated estimated costs
  • Details necessary for calculations which establish all materials selection which would achieve credit.
  • List of all plans required in the technical sections for LEED credit.
  • Proposed submittal date for each plan.

The above mentioned items will be added to the LEED Implementation Plan as they are completed.  The on-site LEED staff member shall be responsible for implementation of requirements for credits. Green Living, LLC will provide guidance and direction on requirements through weekly teleconferences.


Documentation Quality Control
Green Living, LLC will have each LEED credit identified in Table 1. LEED included in the Documentation Notebook in a formatted to match LEED numbering system and tabbed for each credit and prerequisite. LEED documentation in notebook shall be kept current by an Emerson designated personnel and reviewed monthly by Green Living.

The Notebook will be maintained and available for reference electronically. Completed pages shall be prevented from being altered. The original, one copy, and an electronic version on CD of the notebook shall be submitted at Project closeout.

LEED Documentation Notebook
Green Living will have trained Emerson personnel as to how to insure that Notebook contains all required data to support full compliance with the indicated LEED credit. (LEED credits that are inherent to the design will be documented by the designer of record.)  The on-site LEED staff member shall be responsible for collecting waste tracking receipts, logs, MSDS, checklists and other information from subcontractors and maintain a documentation notebook on-site and send that information to the consultant on a monthly-basis. Green Living, LLC will review the information, monitor the progress and send a review report.

LEED Calculations
Green Living will keep calculations current and available for monthly review. Final calculations shall be included in the LEED Documentation Notebook under the appropriate tab.


All "G" designated submittals required for inclusion in the LEED Documentation Notebook shall be separable from other submitted data and shall be included in the LEED Documentation Notebook in addition to the distribution indicated on the submittal register. LEED Letter Template forms shall be used for tracking and documentation.
Recycled content value of Project materials shall be determined by the method described in the LEED Reference Guide.

Green Living, LLC will hold at minimum, three (3) onsite coordination meetings.

The first will be a preconstruction meeting to review the LEED Implementation Plan and the LEED Documentation Notebook. The workshop will train the project team as to how to implement and completely understand the approach.

The second will be a pre-closeout meeting to review LEED Documentation Notebook for completeness and identify any outstanding issues relating to final score and documentation requirements.

The third is a closeout meeting to review the final LEED Documentation Notebook.

 All meetings shall be attended by the Green Living Project manager, General Contractor’s designated individual responsible for gathering and assembling the onsite LEED notebook materials, Government representative and Installation representative. At closeout meeting a final score for the Project will be determined based on review of Project performance and documentation. Contractor shall make a set of Contract Drawings and Specifications available for review at each meeting as well as an updated LEED Documentation Notebook.

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