LEED™ Credit EQ 8.1 Daylighting & Views (1 point)

"LEED Credit EQ 8.1 may be met by simulating the dynamics of daylighting, or by conducting actual daylight measurements after construction."

Good daylighting is not something that can easily be retrofitted into an existing building. Unless daylighting is paid attention to from the early design stages, just like structural and thermal considerations, the building will most likely not develop its full potential for optimal daylighting performance.

We can perform a computer simulation in the design phase to determine if the required brightness of 25 foot-candles is achieved in 75% of all occupied spaces. The model will also be used to determine light pollution if attempting SS credit 8. The effect of daylight will be factored into energy used by lights and HVAC equipment in the energy simulation.

Daylighting Analysis

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