Energy Modeling:

LEED™ EA Credit 3 Enhanced Commissioning (1 Point)

By modeling a building design options, accurate estimates of the proposed building's energy consumption, interior environmental conditions and energy operation cost can be obtained. Green Living can help determine the choice of building parameters that improve energy efficiency while maintaining thermal comfort and cost-effectiveness.

Green Living Energy Modeling:

• Comparing energy impacts of various mechanical air distribution strategies throughout a facility.
• Informing building envelope performance design criteria and design decisions.
• Evaluating benefits of energy efficiency measures integrated into the building.

Energy Auditing:

What are the benefits of energy audits?

• Lower energy expenses
• Increased production reliability
• Increased productivity
• Increased comfort of building occupants
• Reduced environmental impacts

Energy audits are holistic surveys of the facility, performed to understand how energy is currently used and to identify areas of potential savings. An energy audit consists of three main segments:

• understanding energy costs
• identifying potential savings
• reporting cost beneficial recommendations

Daylighting Analysis:

Good daylighting is not something that can easily be retrofitted into an existing building. Unless daylighting is paid attention to from the early design stages, just like structural and thermal considerations, the building will most likely not develop its full potential for optimal daylighting performance...


LEED EA Credit 1: Optimize Energy Performance (1-19 Points)

The intent of the LEED Energy & Atmosphere is to achieve increasing levels of energy performance above the baseline in the prerequisite standard to reduce environmental and economic impacts associated with excessive energy use.
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