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  • What Green Living, LLC Can Do For You!!

    Green Living, LLC helps clients resolve the broad variety of challenges inherent in green building projects — before, during, and after construction. Our multidisciplinary team of architects, and engineers assist clients in addressing all aspects and phases of sustainable construction projects, from evaluating a proposed project to assessing possible shortcomings in the final product.

    Sustainable Design : Green Living, LLC provides the full spectrum of energy, daylighting and sustainable design consulting services to carry a project from programming / pre-design, through design, to commissioning and measurement and verification of energy savings, to continuous commissioning. Green Living, LLC's experienced staff use state-of-the-art tools for analysis of energy, daylighting, electric lighting and thermal performance. Green Living, LLC's staff members are LEED® Accredited Professionals and can assist the client obtain LEED® Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

    Design Charrettes and Sustainable-Building Workshops:
    Our client-focused charrettes generate innovative ideas that support the development of cost-effective, environmentally restorative architecture while addressing the specific needs of a project. Green Living also offers comprehensive sustainable-design workshops that outline key topics, including side, water, energy, materials selection, indoor environmental quality, and LEED certification.

    Sustainability Integration and Guideline Development:
    Green Living, LLC creates environmental strategies that address every aspect of the design and construction process, including guidelines for commercial, retail, and residential design. Guidelines can address new construction or existing building projects as well as owner or tenant needs.

    Daylighting and Energy Analysis:
    Green Living, LLC develops strategies that improve visual performance and productivity, save energy and money, and create healthy spaces. We use computer simulations and physical models to integrate daylight with architectural form, glazing and shading strategies, electric lighting design and controls, and interior details. Green Living’s cutting-edge analyses seek to identify energy loads that can be reduced or eliminated.

    LEED Advising:
    Every member of Green Living, LLC’s team of LEED-accredited professionals. We use our expertise and experience to provide high-level strategy development and assist project teams achieve LEED certification.

    Sustainable Materials Selection:
    Our knowledgeable staff can provide recommendations for environmentally preferable, cost-effective materials, as well as contractor toolkits to ensure project goals are achieved.

    Natural Ventilation and Thermal Comfort Analysis:
    Green Living, LLC uses detailed analysis of airflows in buildings and use of natural flow patterns can enhance thermal comfort and air quality, while reducing overall energy use.

    Construction Services:
    Green Living, LLC has extensive experience managing construction projects and can utilize sophisticated project controls to minimize construction delays and/or claims on green projects. In the event that a claim occurs, Green Living, LLC can assist clients throughout the entire claim process.

    Ecosystem services assessment:
    Green Living, LLC uses GIS (geographic information systems) and CITYgreen software to assess the benefits of landscaping, open spaces, and preserves in regard to carbon sequestration and stormwater runoff reduction

    Ecological Footprint and Capacity Analysis:
    Green Living, LLC can assess the lifecycle impact of a material or product with regard to greenhouse gas emissions and energy and water use to quantify savings and provide recommendations to reduce environmental impact in the future.

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