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  • Founded in 2006
  • Managed 27+ Million sqft of Certified Space
  • International Coverage
  • 100% success in Meeting Goals
  • ALL project types
  • Austin Energy Green Building (AEGB) Program Provider
  • Austin WBE

LEED Consulting & Administration

Simplify your LEED certification journey with our expert LEED Consulting & Administrative services.

Energy Modeling

From modeling and analysis to audits and daylighting studies. We use advanced tools for sustainable and efficient project solutions.

LEED Support / Value Added

Enhance sustainability through Additional value added Services like

Building Commissioning

Maximize building efficiency with our Building Commissioning services.

Explore the future with Our AI-powered applications

We offer predictive insights and sustainable solutions for the built environment, leading innovation in every step



What our Clients Says

Jon Donahue, Principal, CDK Realty

I have dealt with Green Living since early 2008, during which time they have provided my business with excellent support in the areas of LEED Project Management and Fundamental Commissioning. Prior to Green Living we had hired consultants to navigate the LEED Process, only to discover that although they were LEED APs, they did not have the experience we later found necessary to get our project certified. Green Living put the project back on schedule immediately, updated LEED goals into the design and documentation, and organized the team’s responsibilities while staying on budget. Their work has been a major factor in our project’s success. I can confidently recommend Green Living, LLC as a solid and reliable consulting firm, and experts in their field.

Clint Sanford, Vice President, Wier Enterprises

Wier Enterprises applauds Green Living LLC’s pursuit of the Investor Confidence, IREE, and Project Quality Assurance Certification. Our experience spans over 3 years and 3 projects (Sewell MB of Houston, Sewell Audi of Sugar Land). Green Living’s deep understanding of the LEED rating system and commercial HVAC, Energy Modeling expertise, and construction process make them an invaluable partner.

Isaac Nimick, Project Director, Greystar

Green Living provided exemplary services for LEED Gold, AEGB, and Fitwell for the full life cycle of our projects at Symphony Square in Austin. The Green Living team was a pleasure to work with and provided exceptional guidance every step of the way.

Lee Rubenstein, AIA Principal, R2L:Architects

R2L:Architects collaborated with Green Living on Symphony Square, a complex mixed-use development in Austin, Texas. Green Living provided design reviews, documentation, energy modeling, and building commissioning services. Their assistance played a crucial role in achieving LEED Gold certification by the USGBC and the Austin Energy Green Building Program.

Greg Demetrius, UDR, Inc

Green Living, LLC, has provided LEED Project Management, CxA (Fundamental, Enhanced, Retro), and Energy Modeling for two projects and counting. Green Living, LLC and its energy manager’s oversight have allowed us to meet State and Local incentive goals.