Energy modeling is crucial for sustainable design and achieving LEED certification. At GreenLiving, we employ advanced energy modeling techniques to optimize building performance and simplify the LEED and AEGB compliance processes for you.

What is Energy Modeling?

Energy modeling simulates a building’s energy use, identifying the most effective strategies for reducing consumption and improving efficiency. To understand the importance and benefits of energy modeling, refer to the Energy Modeling Best Practices on the Energy Department’s website.

Benefits of Energy Modeling

1. Optimized Energy Performance

Energy modeling allows us to test various design scenarios to identify the most energy-efficient solutions, reducing operational costs and enhancing building performance.

2. LEED and AEGB Compliance

Many LEED credits, particularly under the Energy and Atmosphere category, require detailed energy modeling. Similarly, AEGB (Austin Energy Green Building) standards also emphasize energy performance. Our expertise ensures your project meets these requirements, maximizing your LEED and AEGB points.

3. Informed Decision Making

Energy modeling provides detailed insights into energy use, enabling better decision-making during the design and construction phases, making your job easier.

How GreenLiving Utilizes Energy Modeling

1. Initial Assessment

We start with a thorough assessment of your project’s energy needs and goals, forming the basis of our energy modeling efforts.

2. Simulation and Analysis

Using advanced software, we simulate various design options to find optimal energy solutions. Our analysis ensures alignment with LEED and AEGB standards, simplifying your compliance efforts.

3. Implementation Support

We provide ongoing support to implement recommended energy strategies, ensuring they are properly integrated into your project.

Explore our project page to see how GreenLiving has successfully utilized energy modeling to achieve LEED and AEGB certification for various projects.


Energy modeling is essential for sustainable design and LEED and AEGB certification. GreenLiving’s expert energy modeling services simplify your compliance process, enhance project performance, and ensure sustainability. Contact us to learn more.