Federal HPSB and TPCS

Green Living LLC provides consultancy services for implementing the High Performance and Sustainable Building construction requirements or HPSB Guiding Principles, Third-Party Certification (TPC), UFC 1-200-02, High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements. In addition, Green Living guides GC, highlighting their critical tasks and responsibilities and providing templates for construction credit for HPSB and TPC, including LEED, GBCI Guiding Principles, and ASHRAE 189.1.

Brent T. Shepard

Senior Project Manager, Grayco Partners

Green Living has successfully provided Consulting for AEGB Certification for all 5 of our South Shore District Multi-Family projects, including Commissioning and Energy Modeling.

Green Living LLC performs the following tasks:

  • Conduct Construction Kick-off with GC for HPSB and TPC
  • Provide Sustainability Plan along with a “Living” Action Item plan & Task List
  • Provide Sustainability Documentation to include in
  • HPSB and TPC Checklists
  • Proposed materials, associated estimated costs
  • Details necessary for calculations that establish all materials selection, which would achieve
  • List of all plans required in the technical sections for sustainability credits
  • Proposed submittal date for each plan
  • Provide the Construction Manual highlighting all activities completed by the GC during construction to meet sustainability requirements.
  • Provide the Construction Waste Management Plan for MR credit
  • Prepare the Indoor Air Quality Management Plan for IEQ credit
  • Attend Construction Progress Meetings to review sustainability requirements with the
    project team.
  • Review the submittals received by GC related to TPC and HPSB credits
  • Complete the calculations for construction credits into the final TPC and HPSB templates
  • Complete documentation for HPSB and TPC construction credit submission