LEED Consulting – LEED for New Construction (NC)

We are a multitalented group of LEED professionals that work as a team, providing our clients with expertise in LEED Project Management Services.

Your project will be supported by MEP engineers and building design professionals, all with graduate work in sustainable design and, most importantly, prior LEED certification experience. Our goal is always our clients’ success—to guide your project to the level of certification your company has deemed mandatory in a budget-conscience system.

    Below is a generic, simplified task list of LEED Project Management services provided by the GL team. The scope of services becomes project specific once the “Road Map” is complete and approved by the owner’s representative.


    LEED Project Management Services:


    • Provide direction for owner’s representative, design and construction teams
    • Devise a plan of action, determining feasibility of LEED credits by cost impact
    • Conduct a minimum of three drawing reviews
    • Create and follow LEED action items/ next steps for design team members
    • Provide design and construction team members with support, direction, sample documents, and resources
    • Direct LEED Team members to all applicable LEED Credit Interpretation Rulings.
    • Participate in design team meetings via conference calls
    • Identify and support owner with documentation for Innovation in Design credits
    • Manage the LEED-Online process
    • Review letter templates and submittals
    • Assist the team in responding to comments during the review process


    Fees for LEED Project Management services vary depending on the complexity of the project, LEED certification level targeted, and additional scope required, such as MEP credit documentation, energy modeling, daylighting, or extensive construction support. Note that projects considering LEED certification after design has been completed and in the construction documents phase will need a feasibility analysis to determine the viability of gaining certification. If GL finds that the project is not capable of success, we will not propose it.