Park Plaza

Project Description

Santa Fe, MEX |   1,705,319 GSF   |   $150 M  |  Client: Alhel

Services Provided: Fundamental Commissioning and Energy Modeling

The building is comprised of two towers: Tower 1 – 869,580 square feet containing 10 floors of office space; and Tower 2 – 869,580 square feet containing 11 floors of office space.  Mechanical Systems include large air handling units ducted to Variable Air Volume terminal units throughout floors for thermal comfort for individual offices.  Cooling is supplied via approximately 2,000 tons of centrifugal chillers delivering 42-degree water to air handlers located at various locations in the towers.  Cooling towers are located on the roofs, and piping and pumps are located on the lower levels.  All equipment is high-efficiency design using variable speed drives to maintain optimum pressures.  The underground parking garage utilizes carbon dioxide sensors to ramp up large fans inducing fresh air to maintain a safe environment at all times.

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