o.Energy is a subsidiary of Green Living LLC

Building Energy Modeling Services

Yoyo.Energy utilizes building energy simulation to support the design and operation of high performing buildings. Our energy modelers apply their expertise to analyze new and existing buildings energy uses & model to optimize for sustainability of high-performance building design in adherence with Green Building Rating Systems such as LEED/AEGB/Cal-Green/Energy Star, Energy Codes such as ASHRAE/IECC and various Energy incentive programs such as PACE Financing.

Our certified Integrated Energy Modeling team uses variety of industry standard software tools such as DOE eQuest, Energy Plus (Open Studio and Sketch-up) and IES-VE (Revit BIM Modelling) to perform energy system feasibility analysis, preliminary economic analysis and parametric studies of energy conservation measures to optimize the project design, facilitating owner and design team to achieve the energy conservation and reduced carbon emission targets. Parametric modeled energy performance and life-cycle cost analysis can the projects to achieve optimal building design solution. For existing building calibrated energy simulation and modeling are performed and savings are calibrated with hourly or monthly utility billing data and /or end-use metering.

Energy Audits

Energy audits provide investors with a comprehensive understanding of building energy use. The purpose of energy auditing is to understand the opportunities to reduce energy consumption & cost in an occupied multifamily building while increasing tenant comfort, health, and safety. The level of detail of our audits range from simple ASHRAE Level I site walks to the most sophisticated investment grade audits, backed by whole-building energy modeling and measurement and verification. We perform ASHRAE Energy Auditing Levels I, II and III.  As experts in the sustainable operation of existing buildings, our staff members are skilled at rigorously analyzing no-cost and low-cost operational improvements and capital retrofits for HVAC systems and controls, building envelopes, and light systems and controls.

Measurement and Verification

Measurement and Verification, also known as M&V, refers to the overall strategy and methods used to ensure implemented energy-savings strategies are achieved. There are many reasons energy efficiency might not deliver such as Unrealistic estimates of energy savings, Improper installation of the technology, Improper writing of controls sequences and Failure to commission the retrofits; M&V is important to identify the causes of the savings shortfall.

Our M&V services adopt the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) as the basis, which has become the internationally accepted standard for quantifying the results of energy saving. Our energy efficiency experts use this methodology as part of a broader energy efficiency measurement and verification program that covers:

  • Compilation of reference database

  • Establishment of baseline

  • Development of an M&V plan

  • Conducting post-retrofit M&V

  • Monitoring and adjustment of energy savings

  • Issuing of M&V reports

  • Monitoring of long-term energy savings


MEP Credit Documentation and Assistance

Yoyo.Energy provides Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing credit calculations and guide the MEP team member’s design of the following credits and prerequisites to substantiate compliance for Green Building Rating System

  • Outdoor Ventilation Performance for IAQ

  • Indoor Water use reduction

  • Refrigerant Management

  • Thermal Comfort Design and Controls

  • Lighting system Design and Controls

  • Energy Metering

  • Green Power and Carbon Offset.

  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis

By having excellent knowledge of ASHRAE standards 90.1/62.1/62.2/55 and experience on LEED MEP credits, we help the design team to review the project design and provide assistance with LEED requirements related to MEP credits without incurring additional costs. We complete the LEED Online templates and produces required supporting documentation for the credits identified as achievable by the project team.


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